Friday, June 02, 2006

What The Hell Happened At QBar?

(Click on the photo to enlarge)
This interesting installation is actually
a broken fountain in front of the entrance to Q-Bar.
Electrical problems with the lights and a leaking
pump mean that I missed a great shot, possibly forever.

Why forever?

Let's back up a bit...
Q-Bar was a neat little nightclub in the former Mama's
building on IH10. The bands liked playing there because it
was small and intimate with crowds that got pretty wild.
It was easy to sound awesome there. Well, it was easy for me.

Today I rolled into the parking lot and noticed a few
things wrong.
Where were all the cars?
Why was the back door already open?
Whose truck is that?
What's that smell?

Upon entering I was greeted by the sights and sounds
of remodeling, and noticed a complete lack of customers
and chairs and music and liquor. Hmmm...

After talking with the property owner I can file this report:
The club's management was several months behind on their rent,
and everything inside is now missing as are the managers.
Sound equipment, computers, lights, booze, chairs, video games...
All Gone.
The place was cleaned out, but I'm sure the SAPD will get to the
bottom of this "mystery".

Meanwhile, we have a contract and are ready to play but
in light of the owner's greater losses I doubt anyone
in our organization has the heart to kick them when
they're down.

As for this photo, it was a long exposure with decent
colors but crappy composition. That's because I don't
take my tripod to work, so I shot this by setting the
F717 on a bench and guessing at where it's pointed.
I took a half-dozen shots but wasn't really putting
much effort into it because I was on the phone with
someone I love the whole time.
And I figured I could try again the next time we played
here, which would have been tonight.

So, I got screwed out of my shot.
Okay, now I'm mad.

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Aaron B. Hockley said...

My first thought on seeing the thumbnail was... heh, some sort of castle. I like it.