Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Riding The Bart

This marks the first time I have ever featured
material that wasn't my own.
Check out this photoblog post by Matthew Robertson.
It's a Zzakk's Garage-style catch that makes me
jealous as all hell.
Riding The Bart by Matthew Robertson


Matthew Robertson said...

Hey, thanks for the link.

When I saw the man walk by, I was simply thinking of the visual pun - Bay Area Rapid Transit. I took the shot blind, with my little P&S resting on my knee. I didn't notice where his hand was until after I had posted (and titled) the photo.

Zzakk said...

Yeah, 'where his hand was' takes this one up a notch or two for me. Hilarious and perfect for this site. Because of this shot I think I'm going to open things up here for more outside material. Look through your archives, fellow photobloggers. If it's funny photojournalism, I want it here, even if you don't feel like putting it on your own site. We can discuss the methods through email and PMs at the various forums we all visit. Frankly, it's hard as hell to come up with enough funny material on my own, and a little help would be appreciated.