Tuesday, June 20, 2006

"We Will Deliver"

(Click on the photo to enlarge)

As part of my ongoing efforts to elevate my photos of
litter and trash into the realm of important social
commentary, mainly through the use of overwrought prose
featuring selective utilization of words like shit
and idiot, I present this latest installment.

Dedicated to the newest regular visitor to Z'sG who
has outted himself by leaving comments on this dubious
site, and is coincidentally a man with no small interest
in railroading.
That makes at least five of us who not only hang out in
the garage sometimes, but have also published our photos
and/or essays on respectable train-related websites.

Since y'all make up the majority of my repeat visitors
here, do I need to explain that this is a train crew's
ice bucket, usually filled with bottled water but destined
through the hand-me-down process to become a transient's
toilet some day?
I thought not.

The bucket was manually rotated by your's truly into
position to maximize readability of the text, and is
thus rendered ineligible for a Pulitzer Prize in the
field of Photo Journalism.
I may have also rotated the image itself to my personal
tastes, but retain no clear recollection of doing so.

This is the fifteenth post to feature train-related
images and commentary at Zzakk's Garage, or roughly
ten percent. With such a low ratio I must assume that
we're mainly here to see me type the word "shit" every
few days.
Hell, that's what keeps me coming back.
Used in context, Spelling Bee Style: "Shit, I wonder if I
said 'shit' on my blog last night?"

I'm thinking of using "douchebag" more often, which is
currently an under-utilized old favorite among guys in my
Used in context SBS: "I am a douchebag for thinking this
post was funny."

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