Wednesday, April 27, 2005

A Texas Classic

It's a dumb racist cliche, but it's still kind of funny.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

No Babies

This is sad, or something.
Why would someone feel the need to paint
"No Babies" all over a dumpster? I mean, No Shit!
Is a new mother about to trash her child going
to be deterred by a sign?

My theory is that some woman who has to empty the
trash into this particular dumpster has a serious
fear of lifting the lid and finding something gruesome,
so she's made this a baby-free zone.
I need to find a realistic doll...

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Common Sense And Respect

Lots of people don't have either one.
Case in point: These morons were at Mission San Jose
on Saturday. When I shot this photo the bells were
ringing because the Pope had passed away just a few
minutes before. I KNEW what the bells meant because
it wasn't the right time for the normal chimes.
That's why I let these fools live.

C'mon, assholes! You're in a National Park whose structures
are almost 300 years old. Don't you think you should do
your relaxing on the acres and acres of grass, or maybe

I'm still pissed at these stupid worthless fucks.

Rhino Froth

Does this offend you? Then you and your parents
should be slapped.
It's freakin' funny, as well as natural.
So lighten up and have fun with life or I'll hold you
down behind a rhino.

Welcome to Zzakk's Garage

My other site is nice and clean, and I'm still
waiting for someone to send it's URL to the
San Antonio Convention and Tourist folks.
(Views Of Texas)
Seems like they would love to pay me $$$ to do that shit.
It's not like they have anything of their own that's
as colorful and concise showcasing our fine
city and state online.

THIS site is about the OTHER crap I find in
San Antonio and the rest of Texas.
People are stupid, and can be relied upon to
do stupid shit when I have my camera ready.
Almost everything on this site is real, and you
can easily spot the two or three that are faked.
Unless you're an idiot, too.