Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Fashion Victim

(Click on the photo to enlarge, or not)

It's been at least six months since I last
muttered "pull up your damn pants you dumbass"
under my breath.
I thought this trend had finally run it's course.
Shit, if you can't run away from the cops because
your trousers keep tripping you up, maybe it's a
bad idea to show your ass in public, right?

All I know is that the morons and thugs who started
this fad have learned about the drawbacks and
decided to wear their pants correctly again.
It's summertime, so you can't slip your gun
or knife into a jacket pocket either.
The waistband is all you have, G.

Some people are hopelessly behind the times.
And some people are idiots.
This guy might be both.

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