Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Another Puking Girl Photo!

We were at a gas station to start our Corpus trip and I lucked into my second chance at a picture of a girl vomiting.
Since it was a Sunday morning, and judging by her clothes, my guess is that they were on their way home from a hard-partying weekend at the coast.

Moderation, girls.
There's more cameras than ever out there, waiting to catch this stuff.
I could have shot mpeg video and had this special moment up on YouTube.

Here's my first pukegirl post: Blowing Chunks

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A Lovely Beach Wedding

Spotted this while walking down the looong ramp after touring The USS Lexington Aircraft Carrier in Corpus Christi Bay.

No-Frills Beach Wedding #7™
1: Preacher
2: Bride & Groom
3: Father of the bride/best man/maid of honor/flower girl/ring bearer--The seagull really stepped up and saved our asses today
4: Photographer--I had a few shots of him and his gear and decided to cut him some slack. He was doing a good job despite the crappy location on the bay instead of a real beach, and the overcast crappiness of the light. His off-camera flash rig told me that he's one of the good guys and doesn't need me poking fun at him needlessly just to make my 2.75 readers laugh (probably not laugh).

Anyway, I hope the happy couple enjoys many weeks of wedded bliss.
They're off to a good start.

Here's the real joke: Me sounding like a wedding snob. Being happy is the most important thing, and wasting money on overpriced ceremonial trappings for no good reason strikes me as a little nutty. This couple is perhaps at the end of the spartan side of my personal scale but I applaud their frugal approach that still manages to encompass the words and meanings and essentials of the marriage ritual, with few distractions. Wish them luck with me?

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

NBA Playoffs

With the Spurs in the Western Conference Finals battling the Utah Jazz for a chance to play in the Finals, basketball is on everyone's minds right now.
During the games the whole city quiets down since everyone is parked in front of a TV.

The other day, a basketball even brought traffic to a standstill.
We watched it roll all the way around a busy intersection, crossing 16 lanes before ending up safely by the curb.
Nobody wanted to hit the ball for fear of jinxing our team's chances.
We have a lot of respect for the game, and we're trying to win our fourth Championship Trophy in eight years.

Here's the three we already have, snapped after a game a few months ago with my phonecamera.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Firebird: All Jacked-Up

A real shame what happened to this Firebird, isn't it?
The structure of the hood is still there, but the skin is gone!

Keep an eye on the modern art people in your city.
I have a feeling a work entitled 'Firebird Emblem On Warped Steel' is already hanging in a gallery somewhere, priced $20 higher than the entire repair will cost.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Yet Another Post Concerning Parking Lots

For some reason, at least 25 posts here have featured photos taken in parking lots or driveways.
Why do I keep finding stuff to talk about wherever I park my car?

Here's a unique lot (at Friedrich Nature Park) that looks like it was made with cinder blocks on their sides, so the holes are filled with dirt and grass/weeds/clover can grow.
An interesting idea that seems to work.
More scenic (and photogenic) than a paved surface, sturdier and less muddy than a grass field.
Best of both worlds.
I give it an A+, and the park itself is pretty awesome, too.
I have only hiked a half-mile of it's extensive trails so far and was amazed at the diversity of ecosystems present.
Can't wait to see the rest of it someday. Or days considering how big it is.

BTW, I shot another photo today that you'll soon see--in a parking lot.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

The PhotoCouple

I watched these two for a few minutes while waiting for the sun the re-emerge from behind some storm clouds.
They stayed right next to each other, shooting wide-angles and macros, zooming in, zooming out.
Was it a case of teacher-student?
Or was it simply togetherness?

Maybe they just weren't capable of independent thinking--a 2 bee hive-mind.
A collective of two, looking forward to assimilating a bologna sandwich after they finish with the prickly pear cactus.
So engrossed in their "we", I was able to shoot this photo from right behind them without being noticed, but I was plenty scared.
There was a sticker on the back of their boxy silver Scion: Resistance Is Futile.

The Borg are among us?
On second thought, they were probably Scientologists.