Thursday, June 15, 2006

Free Range Chicken Broth?

(Click on the photo to enlarge)

I guess I'm out of the loop on things like this.
The difference between a chicken raised in a commercial
facility of the worst kind and one who lived a more
'natural' life with space to run and eat bugs and
flap it's wings...well this is a no-brainer.
The free range chicken will look better when alive, and
be more tasty and nutritious and additive-free when dead.
Does the same hold true for liquified chickens?

I guess I always thought that the free range argument was
also about quality of life for the animals you're going
to eat, so I was surprised that it applied to the ones
you're going to drink.

I also thought that the green people who care about such
things didn't litter, but I was wrong about that, too.
Live and learn.


Aaron said...

I think free-range broth means that it was allowed to flow wildly over rocks and down brothfalls through the forest before being harvested.

Zzakk said...

I stand corrected, and am humbled. Thanks for clearing that up for me. Man, the internet is a priceless source of knowledge. "Brothfalls"...heeheehee.