Friday, April 28, 2006

Washtub In The Woods

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I hate litter and illegal dumping as much as anyone else.
But finding this old galvanized washtub in the woods
was a 'good thing' for me.
It's not an eyesore since you have to be a hardcore
explorer like me to even find it.
And the thing isn't hurting the trees or the melanistic
black squirrels in the area in any way.
You can't even argue that mosquitos are breeding in the
water it collects, since it's nearly full of dirt and
fallen leaves.
No, the washtub wasn't doing any damage to the ecosystem
at all, and I really like looking at this photo so you
won't hear any complaints from me about this particular
piece of crap tossed carelessly onto Mother Nature's lap.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Leg Statues?

I first noticed this home because a porch over
the garage isn't something you see on most houses.
A closer inspection revealed a creepy collection
of statues.
Of legs.

Horse and Ballerina

Man, and Boy On Tricycle
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They probably have a lamp like the 'Major Award' in the
movie 'A Christmas Story'.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Best Day Of Her Life

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When the sun rose today, this poodle was at death's door.
Severely malnourished, an eye infection, fur so overgrown and
tangled that it looked like a bag of trash when dumped on the
side of the road.
To make matters worse, some kids were kicking her.
As the sun was setting, she was visiting our house and posing
for this picture, trying to remember how to trust people again.
By now she's fast asleep in her new home, warm and dry, fed
and groomed, secure in the love of her new 'mom' and two
delightfully eccentric chihuahua buddies.

Today didn't start out very well for her, but it was
the best day of her life.