Thursday, June 22, 2006


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This Nissan is damaged all to hell.
It would be funny to say that
"The school bus did it!" but that just
isn't true.
Because the car is blocking the left lane and part
of the center 'turn' lane, the bus did have to cross the yellow lines a
little in order to clear the intersection and
deliver it's precious cargo in a timely manner.
But the driver knew as well as I did that there was no
other way to get where we needed to be without a
bit of creative driving.
I was on my way to the CostCo liquor store, which in
my book is every bit as important as dropping snotty
little future criminals at home to raid mom's stash.
At least I pay for my own, and in fact save quite a
lot of money since CostCo's liquor department has the
same warehouse pricing without requiring a membership,
per Texas (and other state's) law.
A well-kept secret until now. You're welcome.

This post also alludes to the fact that my camera is
damaged, internally.
Most likely it's the faulty CCD sensors that were made
by Sony and installed in their cameras as well as those
from Canon and Fuji.
Some days there is random banding across the image, and
some days (like today) it works perfectly.
So I'm going to keep using it as much as possible until
it craps out completely and I can get it fixed for free.

The only problem is when.
During my trip to the beach in a few weeks?
On the day when the aliens land their ship on top
of Bigfoot's treehouse, and I'm right there?

It's like holding a ticking time-bomb in your hands.
My confidence is damaged.

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