Saturday, May 27, 2006

May/December Romance

(Click on the photo to enlarge)
While shooting this photo in Port Isabel, I had the added pressure of trying to hurry because I was obviously pissing-off the old man seen here enjoying a romantic sunset with a woman 30-40 years his junior.
I wonder why he was so upset?
Unless he's cheating on his wife or had paid for this
evening's company, why would an amateur photographer
deserve so many dirty looks and hostile comments?
It's not like I was going to post a photo of him on the
internet or anything...until he gave me attitude that is.
Lucky for him nobody visits this site.

The two young girlfriends who arrived while all of this
drama was unfolding also added to my problems.
The 'driver' walked boldly in front of my lens while
her companion proved she was still a true lady by
waiting for me to finish.
This didn't sit well with any of us judging by the earful
of total bitch we received, so rather than stand in the way of
true love I bagged my shots as fast as I could and retreated.

Romance, no matter how unconventional, needs to be respected.
I'm cool like that, but only because I got the photo that I
really wanted in spite of all of the unnecessary bullshit
and 'hatred of all middle-aged white men' I had to deal with.

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