Monday, May 22, 2006

Fishing Or Drugs?

(Click on the photo to enlarge)
Have you ever been behind a 20 year old car
full of shady-looking characters that's weaving through
traffic at ten mph below the limit, and then laughed when
you noticed the bumper sticker imploring you to
"Support Your Local Police Department"??
This is the nautical equivalent.

Trust me, there are plenty of drugs being used on the
open waters and piers and beaches and rivers of the world.

"Honey, me and the guys are going fishing. Be back in
a few days."
They really ARE fishing, but a good percentage of them
are also snorting speed to stay awake all night when the
fish are biting.
Or smoking weed to help them 'enjoy the beauty of nature'
as well as deal with the boredom between strikes.

I'm not saying the percentage of stoned fishermen exceeds
that of the general population, and I'm much more worried
about the percentage of alcoholic speedfreak rapist cops.
What I'm saying is that I used to fish a lot as a teenager
and it was the perfect excuse for going out and getting high
with your friends, so this sticker made me laugh.

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