Tuesday, May 16, 2006


(Click on the photo to enlarge)
The drought may be over across much
of the state, but in my area we're still several
inches of rain below where we are supposed to be.
Last week it rained a lot one night.
I don't know exactly how much because we don't
have a rain gauge, but it was a lot.
I had left this trash barrel in my back yard by
accident, at the perfect spot to catch the water
running off our roof.
Didn't notice it until the next night, so when I
went to drag it onto the patio it almost pulled
my arm out of the socket because instead of
a pound or two it must have weighed 270+.
(30-something gallons at 8lbs/gal.)
Should have had my flashlight with me, messing around
outside in the dark.
I siphoned-off the water onto the dry patches of
our lawn, which was decent compensation for my
sore shoulder.

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