Friday, May 12, 2006

Night Shift

(Click on the photo to enlarge)

Location: The alley behind some random nightclub
Time: 3:29am
Subject: Having a smoke while waiting to get paid
Camera: Sony F717 f2 .5sec ISO100 handheld
Fast-Edited with: IrfanView and NeatImage
Inspired By: mrobertson


Matthew Robertson said...

Very cool.

Zzakk said...

"Does this shadow make me look fat?" Thanks, Matthew.
I love when everything falls together and I can get something decent onto a blog while it's this fresh--under two hours from exposure to publishing.
The scene is exactly as reported, and when I saw it the entire post blossomed fully-formed in my mind.
The hard part was shooting with my left hand at navel height while not looking at the LCD. It worked out because there was no rotation required, but the shutter button was a bitch to reach. The overlapping shadows surprised me as I thought they would make it too busy, but I feel they helped instead.
Your 'Night Shift' is still superior to this in my opinion. Mine is every bit as posed, just done quicker. I was tempted to leave the noise alone just for you, but that's simply not my style.

Anonymous said...

nope, it doesn't make you look fat at all but i love that shot.