Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Shoe Tree

At the city's largest park there's this one tree with dozens of pairs of athletic shoes hanging from it.
I forget what kind it is, or more likely never knew, but it's the kind with big branches doing lots of horizontal things, so it's a really good climbing tree, too.

I don't know who started the custom of decorating this tree with stinky shoes, whether it was a group having a special moment together, or just a game of "keep away" that ended badly and started a trend.
Everyone who passes this spot notices them, so I suppose when a jogger or walker has a blowout somewhere on the trail they know to chuck their worn-out footware up here.
It's probably fun trying to see how many throws it takes to get them caught on a branch.

Seriously though, there's like 45 pairs of shoes up there.
Since it's in a forest there's no way to back up enough to show it all, but it's amazing.

The whole things also reminded me of Charley Brown's Kite Eating Tree.
Maybe this is a Shoe Eating Tree?
I can't test that theory, since I don't own anything the tree might be interested in.
Black casuals and Army boots are more my style.
I only run when it's the best course of action dictated by an immediate and unexpected change in circumstances.

Photo 2 proves that some people are crazy.
These Nikes™ look brand new.
They also look a little gay, (not gay as in "what a gay person might wear" but gay as in "flaming more than anyone else at the pride parade") so maybe the owner had his balls busted by his friends and had to launch them to save face.
So he's either crazy for throwing away new shoes, or for buying fruity red ones in the first place.

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