Thursday, January 18, 2007

Adventures At HalfPrice Books™

After parking somewhere hidden behind the pole, we noticed the SAPD cars hauling ass into the lot, then we saw some guy running as fast as he could, then cops running.
Later we saw two civilians holding the running guy down while a cop handcuffs him, so citizens catch badguy = very cool!
The smoke colored convertible that looks, shall we say, "hastily parked" was the badguy's, and if you look close you'll notice that the back window is missing.
I'm sure this is what tipped-off the cops that it was a stolen car.

Inside HalfPrice, our favorite used-book store we found this CD by Double Clutch.
I already have it, and scoffed at the $7.98 price tag because I know that the songs are basic ZZTop and Skynyrd ripoffs, and that the singing is sub-par as is the guitar playing.
(The band is local, not major label)
The dude on the right with a price sticker on his head is my favorite local bassist and friend, Matt Brown.
He's got tone, attitude and skills.
We had fun working together for a few years with The Hitmen, but now that he's in The Max I never see him.

Come out to a String Theory show and buy me a shot, Matt!!

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