Tuesday, January 23, 2007

More Parking Lot Fun

Recently my cellphone camera has allowed me to get photos for this site that would have been impossible using the big Sony.
Here's an example of the opposite, where the phonecam wouldn't have worked.
Good thing I still carry them both everywhere.

I was at BestBuy on Jan 13th, trying to use up the rest of my Christmas GiftCards.

Hurrying through the parking lot to our car because it was cold and rainy my 7th Sense sent up a signal--telling me that I was going to get something for Zzakk's Garage.

Someone's doing something stupid is what it sounds like.

All I had to do was figure out who and where, and get to my camera bag in the car.
Throwing caution to the wind, I ran like the......well, the wind.

As it turned out, the impending stupidity was right there between me and the car so it was hard to miss.
A Ford pickup, one of those incredibly long ones with a brush-guard on the front that all of the local ranchers seem to use, was backing into a parking space in the rather full parking lot. It was a diesel, by the way. You can tell by the racket they make--an important point.
He was parking it very slowly, partly because his truck was so damn big, and partly because he was also talking on his cellphone.
A recipe for disaster by anyone's measure, but what I found out after getting to the car and pulling out the camera added beans to the chili.
There was a big flatbed shopping cart right behind him!!!

"Ohhh, this is going to be good" I said, powering up the F717 and taking off the lens cap.
Not only is his truck so tall that he probably can't see the cart from his rearview mirror, but because it doesn't have a basket he's likely to miss it in his side mirror, too.

By now we're backing out of our space and I have asked my driver to head towards the photo-op slowly while rolling down her window and leaning back, so I can shoot across and out in the final second when it all comes together just like I pictured it in my mind.
And what I pictured is exactly what you see above.

Because the Ford was a diesel, and the driver was yakking on his cellphone, I just knew he wasn't going to hear the crunch as he pushed the cart into the car behind him.
And with a truck that big I didn't think he could feel it either.

Sure enough, everything happened just as I predicted and it took only two quick exposures to bag the shot.
My adrenaline was pumping and time had slowed down.
While the whole episode took maybe twenty seconds it seemed like I had all the time in the world to figure out what was going to happen, what we needed to do to capture it, and to feel guilty for thinking of you guys instead of trying to stop the asshole from damaging some innocent person's nice new car.

I did try to get a shot of Ford-Boy's license plate, but it didn't work out.
And aren't reporters supposed to report, not influence the outcome of events?
Yeah, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

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