Saturday, December 30, 2006

BassPro Shops™

San Antonio finally has a BassPro Shop™.
The place is huge and full of everything a camper/hunter/fisherman etc would want.
I mean really huge.
Seeing-is-believing huge.
The 15+ foot Christmas tree by the front door has stuffed gamebirds instead of ornaments.

Other stuffed critters are everywhere, some cute--some scary.

The fish tanks are supersized, too. This catfish is at least 3 feet long.

The mess behind this mascot is the landscaping that's still in-progress. Ponds and streams are being built.

Personally, I prefer Sportsman's Warehouse™ because their gun section has more items of interest to me, like aftermarket parts for the ultimate customizable gun--the Ruger 10/22­. Also, their optics section has a wider selection of tripods than any camera store I have been to. It's where we found mine.
I also buy my work/photography gloves there.
Still, the BassPro Shop is impressive as hell.

And this was yet another situation where a phone camera comes in handy.
Pulling out my bigass Sony would have attracted unwanted attention.

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