Sunday, January 06, 2008

Cat On A Cold Shingle Roof.

The '...Hot Tin Roof' title flows better, right?

Taken on Christmas Day 2007 shooting all the way across the street from the paper-ripping with my truly weak 5X-Optical-Zoom Zeiss lens.
But I used the "Spot Meter" exposure setting, which I have never seen anyone else use.
"It's cool, y'all!" (That's a verified quote from Gurney/Ambulance/Committed Britney).

If your camera has this (many do) you enable it then put the cross on your subject and the camera will set exposure for that precise point only, ignoring the rest of the frame.
In this case the white cat wasn't blown-out to a nuclear glow and the rest of the frame has a nice darker tonality.
Conversely, if you were taking a photo of a person in shadow or with their back to the sun the result would be a good exposure on your subject and a blown-out background.
Not for casual use, and don't forget to switch it off again or the rest of your pictures will be ruined.

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