Sunday, December 30, 2007

What I Do For You

This is on the fence around the location where I spent an hour shooting pictures for my various websites.
The whole area is contaminated with asbestos from a vermiculite packaging company.
I've visited this place a couple dozen times over three years until it was finally fenced-off, which is when I found out I'm killing myself in pursuit of blog material--the definition of crazy/stupid.

Within 100 feet
In the middle of it
Breathing it in for three different visits
See the silhouetted building?
Oh, was I ever deep inside
Guess where?
Yes, this one too

And then there are the times I didn't get anything worth showing, and the band shoot I did here, the times I just went for the art in the silos, several visits looking for trains but not finding them, or when I found some and spent a few hours hanging around...

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