Thursday, January 10, 2008

Fish Gone Wild

You might recognize this fish from your aquarium--the hard working plecostomus, also called "sucker fish" by morons.
Another common name is armored catfish.
Whatever you want to call them, this photo proves that people don't have much common sense.

This was taken in the currently drained San Antonio River. It's swimming in six or 8 inches of water and doing just fine.
Problem is, these fish don't belong in this particular ecosystem.
Over the years enough shitheads have dumped their aquariums into the river (probably in a hurry to move--eviction is a bitch) that a population of plecos has grown to sustainable levels.
Hell, sustainable is an understatement--these hardy bastards have taken over the bottom-feeding niche and all but driven out the native catfish.
And that's a shame.
Ever seen one of these over a foot long? Now you have, and it proves how well they're doing.

So next time you need to dispose of your tropical fish do what the rest of us do: Sell them back to the pet store, give them to a friend, or just feed them to your cat.
It's funny that the people who can't bring themselves to kill a stupid fish end up helping to kill thousands of them.

On a related note, the State introduced tilapia into the river and they have been as big of a problem as the plecos.
And the large population of green iguanas in South Florida--created by people releasing pets that got too big for them to handle--were getting so chilled during a recent cold snap that they would shut down and eventually let go of the tree branches they were hanging onto.
Yes, it got so cold in Florida that it was raining iguanas.

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