Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Mariachis Are Here!

Mariachis charge a lot!! Let them sing a few songs for you and see what it costs.
Can't even imagine what a pinch it was having them play for an hour at a wedding reception.
The old dude has a pretty nice new car to haul his trumpet around in.
Compared to other musicians, I think they charge too much.
It's not fair, and sets a bad example for the children.

I was afraid they would empty my wallet just for taking their picture, so I stayed on the far side of the parking lot and used maximum zoom.
And hey, my flash reached pretty damn far!

The legend goes that old mariachis never die, they just turn into metal folk-art.
Probably happens when they're too old to be trusted with knives.
No knife = no lime wedge.
No lime = no shots of tequila.
No tequila = they dry up and turn to scrap metal.

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