Sunday, March 11, 2007

Biggest Piece Of Litter, Ever!

City Parks in outlying areas are great opportunities for me.
Since I'm generally uninterested in the man-made "nature" of parks and prefer blazing my own trail through the wilderness, I just use the park's parking lot and hike beyond the boundaries into the real nature I grew up exploring.

(Did I ever tell the story about the time I narrowly avoided being crushed flat by a 2000 pound boulder that fell right where I had been sitting mere seconds before? In a cave, on a cliff, at age 6, playing with fire.
I was fearless then, and quickly learned that if I wanted to have my kind of fun I needed to keep quiet about my adventures or mom would lock me up on the weekends.)

Anyway, I found this heavy equipment tire in the woods, leaning against a tree that must be sad about this situation.
If that Indian in the old commercials shed a tear over a bag of trash, seeing this tire would kill him.
There's not going to be any biodegradation.
Nobody's going to pick it up and carry it out.
It's 8 fucking feet tall!

There's a new neighborhood being built nearby, so I'm pretty sure I know where it came from.
Should I send this photo and a map to the appropriate city department and get those assholes busted?

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