Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Trailer Trash And Ho's

I happened to be working at a private party that had the theme "Trailer Trash And Ho's", and unlike other themed parties I have worked at everyone was a good sport and showed up dressed appropriately.
The bartender (open bar!) hooked me up with the perfect beer, a PBR in a brown sack.
I used my camera-phone to shoot it in front of an educational display about Bluegills so as to retain some credibility as a serious amateur photographer.

There were mullets and fake(?) tattoos everywhere, as well as camo and WalMart smocks among the guys. This dude even tried to bum a smoke off me. Talk about being in character! (Not a big stretch I suspect)

The girls were true Ho's in every sense of the word. Just like on Halloween a woman's true nature comes out when told to wear a costume.
They can't help it, or they don't get it.
Either way, everyone had a lot of fun.


Matsukuroneko said...

I saw this picture earlier, and I was wondering if she was more "whorish" than I'd first assumed. Apparently there were some things at this party that I missed? lol

Zzakk said...

Just posing for the other girl's camera, I hope. The normal hosing-down of the treehouse after it's been snotted-up by a bunch of kids probably took care of any residue from this bunch. When are you going to start posting to your blog?