Monday, October 02, 2006


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The critique/rating system upsets many people, but only when they get low ratings with no comments. (If they get high numbers, they probably sit back with a smug look, thinking "yeah, I know, I'm great".)
They say it's because they want to learn how to be a better photographer. But my theory is that they want to be able to point out how the commenters 'don't get it', which let's the photographer off the hook for low numbers.
Why this guy only wants comments from south of the equator is a mystery.
I hope it's a joke, but cutting your target audience in half (more than half, I'm sure) isn't too smart.

Here we have a common theme: "Make sure you know what category this is in, because you're probably too stupid to understand the point my photo makes otherwise."
Then he follows with the old "commentcommentcomment please you bastards" bit.

Spare me.
We hear it fifty times a day.
We get it.
You want comments.

Here's my comment: When you say the light was 'terribel' you're saying "I need to point out exactly why this photo is only worth a three so you guys know that I know that you know...and by hitting myself first maybe everyone else will take pity."

Excuses don't fly with me.
If the photo needs an excuse, what it needs even more is to be re-shot when the light is better.
If that's not possible because of your trip's schedule, that's a shame, but maybe you shouldn't post it on the 'net looking for strokes because it doesn't deserve any.

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