Sunday, October 15, 2006

Halloween Is Coming

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Halloween is my second favorite holiday.
I go all-out to scare the kids who come to our house, and reward them with more and better candy than the rest of my 'hood.

There's something strange that happens in the translation of the word "costume" when it comes to certain adults.
Most people 'get it' and have fun dressing up as someone or something that's very different from their daily life.
A rugby player goes out as a pregnant nun, or a shy girl dresses up as Wonder Woman.
Slipping into an alter-ego is fun and can give you the chance to live out your fantasies for one night in a wink-wink-just-pretending way.
Good fun.

So what's the deal with the tramps?
Why do the girls who know they're hot and dress kind of slutty already insist on using Halloween as an excuse to show just how trampy they can really be?
Devil horns and lingerie is not a costume, honey.
You wear that shit every weekend, don't you?
We all know it.

In the music business there's an interesting semi-tradition that's lots of fun.
Many bands will wear costumes representing a wildly different genre of music.
Mariachis playing death metal and wussy pop bands dressed as KISS are two examples I have particularly enjoyed.
I saw a Stone Temple Pilots Halloween Night show, and they were dressed as 'Josie And The Pussycats' with sparkly dresses, high heels and wigs.
(We left early because the sound engineer had his head up his ass.
The sound is all muffled and shitty up in his butt (and in the hall) so he got aggressive with the 2.5 to 4khz range bad enough to cut your skin.)


Anonymous said...

Too right bro.
What those girls wear to work is a costume, what you see now is truth in advertising!
BTW; Is she gonna suck his thumb?


Zzakk said...

Nahh, she's a tease so she just blew on it.