Friday, September 23, 2005

Mayor Punkass

When the voting closed at 7pm on election day I realized
that campaign signs are suddenly just so much trash,
free for the taking.
Knowing that it would come in handy someday I grabbed
one of (Loser) Julian Castro's signs and tossed it into
Zzakk's Garage.
After all of the international media coverage of San Antonio's
magnificent efforts to help the survivors of Hurricane Katrina
I realized just how comforting it was to see Mayor Hardberger
on the TV screen, in his relaxed old Texan manner, assuring
the world that everyone who needs our help will get it.
Can you imagine Julian Castro inspiring any confidence at all?
This youngster would have produced a shitload of soundbites
making San Antonio look like a city full of idiots.

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