Thursday, September 22, 2005

Busted Head

A title like that ought to bring in some freaks
doing sick google, yahoo and msn searches.
Sorry guys, it's just a busted sprinkler head.

Wasting water like this makes me sick. There's
only so much in the (vast) Edwards Aquifer,
and we need to conserve every drop because...
what's that?...a hurricane is coming?
So you're saying I won't have to water my lawn for
three weeks, and the aquifer is going to fill to the top
And a bunch of folks are going to lose everything
they have, and maybe die?
Maybe I can relax my tight-assed water theories and
admit that it's a renewable resource in this part of
Texas, just like coyotes, cattle and corn.

Y'all be careful out there.
If evacuation is recommended, just go. Now.

Godspeed, my fellow Texans!

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