Sunday, September 25, 2005

Dog Butt

I apologize for this in advance, but the story must be told.
Here is a picture of the worst ass I have ever seen
on a living thing in my entire life:

Her name is D O G, pronounced Dee Oh Gee.
At 13 years of age she has her problems, just like everyone.
Hip dysplasia, seborrhea, itchy butt, some recent
bite wounds to the head...the usual for most of us, right?
But D O G never complains. Hell no.
What makes her extra-special to us all is that D O G is a
Hurricane Rita Evacuee from the Galveston Texas area.
I like her because she's a good dog every minute of the year.
And she's family.
But her butt is the worst on the planet.
You should come see it.

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