Saturday, January 10, 2009

The 8th Dwarf?

Drinky, Sleazy, Douchebag, Throw-Up, Wussy, Stinky, Wanker, and introducing:

Assistant video boy, hair tugger, zit farmer, nincompoop.
Never saw his eyes, never heard a word, never saw any initiative except for when he was bootlegging my band's performance, as seen here.
I guess Chrissy got him half-hard (all that can be expected) but she's twice the man he'll ever be.
Also never saw him in a situation that mattered where the cam didn't get taken away by his boss.
So sad...

I'm not cruel by nature, but haven't we all been exposed to someone who just made you want to stand on their neck until something pops?
Mopey wasn't interested in improving, which is the greatest sin of all.

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