Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Thanks JC?

Ever find yourself looking at what is obviously a vanity plate and being unable to decipher it's message?
Poor planning by illiterates with something to say but no skills at saying it.

This one is easy, so I moved right to the next question:
"Who is this JC they wish to thank"?

It's not to hard to eliminate a few:
Jimmy Carter?
No, Habitat for Humanities doesn't build houses for people who can afford new Cadillacs.

Both of Sylvia's parents are JCs, but I think a 'thank you' phone call or visit would be cheaper and easier.

Phoebe on Friends?
She only thinks her initials are JC.
(JC Banana Hammock?)

Jiminy Cricket?
Nahhh...what's he done for anyone lately?

Former Texas Governor (the late) John Connolly?
"Thanks for taking a bullet, but couldn't you have been in the back seat instead?"
Not Cool.

Actor Jack Cassidy (father of David and Shaun)?
Hmmm...an aged former teenybopper thanks sperm donor/absentee father who burned to death while probably drunk?
No way.

These are just off the top of my head.
With Google I could keep this up for hours.

There is only one answer that makes sense:Jenny Craig!

A cute little white caddy parked very close to Ann Taylor and Victoria's Secret, among other places that cater to well-heeled petites and newly petites?

I wouldn't mind being wrong, but the most obvious answer isn't funny.
It's just nice.

Any other contenders you can think of?

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mary said...

I don't know, thanking Jesus Christ for a car is pretty funny to me.