Sunday, October 21, 2007

Just Another Day At Work

A look at the toys I play with besides my camera

My workstation one hot afternoon. I would be standing under the blue sunshade if I weren't way back here taking pictures.

The speakers on the left side of the stage from the same show. I didn't ask, but this PA was probably 30,000 watts rms.

The outboard gear--compressors, equalizers, digital delays and reverbs, RTA, pitch correction, etc.
From a monster 100,000 watt concert sound system I ran last year--fun in the sun!

It looks very confusing, but I know what everything does.
Maybe it helps explain my photography skills--operating a digital camera is a piece of cake compared to hooking-up and running a sound system like these.
At least the technical side of photography.
The eye/brain/heart side is still a mystery to me as far as where it comes from.

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