Saturday, October 13, 2007

Creepy Monkey Toy

I hate these creepy-ass fucking monkeys!
Have you ever seen one in action?
It either winds up or has batteries, doesn't matter.
But it slams it's cymbals together in a most disturbing way!
Like a full-body convulsion that keeps time, all the while grinning it's "I'm going to kill you after I finish this song" grin.

They were a popular thing in the 1960s, or even the '50s for all I know.
And many many too many TV shows from my childhood would find any excuse to show a quick clip of them doing what they do.
Gave me nightmares, I shit you not.

So imagine my delight at rounding the corner in an antique shop recently only to come face-to-face with my old arch nemesis.
(I was afraid I might drop the real camera so I used my phone to get this shot).

After making my escape it took ten minutes before I had calmed down.

And that's when a second creepy-ass cymbal-playing-fucker-monkey got me!
No photo of #2 because I skipped along out of that monkey-infested antique store from hell.

If they didn't have such a ridiculous price on their tags I would have killed both of their asses for good.
With some of the fine old (and sharp!) tools for sale within easy reach.
And fire.
And chemicals.
And a lawn mower.

And a fucking time machine to send whatever was left back where they came from.

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