Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Al Gore Versus Eva Longoria-Parker

Which paper would you buy?
The one who's headline is about Al Gore winning the fucking Nobel Peace Prize for his total bullshit eco-politics?
It's in english, and posted a record 6 corrections today "Due to a reporting error...".
Remember learning in school about the last ice age? Earth WILL have another someday. Global warming is natural and cyclical, and man just isn't big enough or bad enough to do a damn thing about the climate on a world-wide scale.
Locally, sure. But the alarmists are full of crap and just want more control over people.
Now that the demand is so high for corn-based ethanol fuel additives "to save the planet!" the price is beyond what the relief agencies can afford.
So millions of tons of corn and corn food products are no longer being given to starving people in Africa, it's being burned in American SUVs.
It's killing people on a tragic scale.
Blame Al. And Michael Moore.
Peace Prize My Ass.

All Eva has done lately is take our NBA Finals MVP point guard off the market by marrying him.
Yes, hearts are broken, as if those deluded women had a chance.
As long as she gives him a hummer once in a while to keep his head in the game where it belongs then I think she's the clear winner here.

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