Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Bird Flu

I don't feel well.
And there was this dead bird in our driveway.

If you don't see any new posts it means I died from the bird flu.

Or it means that I couldn't successfully switch Zzakk's Garage to the "New" Blogger because I had two "Old" Blogger accounts but only one Google account.
I'm being strong-armed into making the switch and don't know if it'll work.
Meaning this site may get orphaned, never to be used again.
If so, I'll start a new one and link to it at Views Of Texas



KeithAlanK said...

Honored guests,
My custom profile for this site has been sent into internet limbo by the "new" Blogger never to be seen again, so it looks like Zzakk's Garage is finished.
If I can't vent without blowback on my main site, I'm not interested.

Two options: A totally new version on a different free blog provider (with a new URL) or a 'Sunday Snapshots' feature on my main site, with the necessary censorship.

FuckShitPiss!!! (My last swears?)

Matthew Robertson said...

that SUCKS.

I'm going to miss the garage. Where else would I find out about the Bottlepod? (Gearheads should pop in an alka-seltzer tablet and a little water to pressurize the bottle. It provides better support.)

Whatever you do, please keep the Garage going.

KeithAlanK said...

ehh, the switch pissed me off because I liked having my own Zzakk profile and photo, but I guess I'm over it now. Just pisses me off when so-called "improvements" are meaningless, and actually a step backwardds for me because I can't have MY site the way I want it, and it was FINE before. New and Improved my ass.
Google's Blogger crew sucks Panda Sacks™.
I'll keep Z'sG going, but I won't be happy about it. Everytime I update I'm going to get angry all over again, and that just MIGHT show up in my writing. I looked at other blog providers, and I hate them just as much so I might as well stay with the enemy I already know. Thanks Matthew. Without a comment I might have just said fuckitall.