Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Amazing BottlePod™

Phone Camera does it again!

I spotted this at WalFart the other day, and I'm sure my fellow photographers will be thanking me for bringing this revolutionary piece of gear to their attention.
Tripods will be obsolete within the year--I mean who doesn't think a bottle of soda is a superior device for holding their expensive cameras?

As you can see, it even has a quick-release plate just like it's professional big brothers!
No need to mess with that pain in the ass 1/4"-20 screw every time a photo-op presents itself.
Great Photos On The GO!

How has photography flourished for a century and a half without this thing?
At $3.67 can you afford not to have one?

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NiMR0D said...

I couldn't find one at my local Wal-Mart (Austin, TX).

Which Wal-Mart had these? I want to give them a try.

Thanks for the info!!!

nemirn at gmail.com