Wednesday, September 13, 2006


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Saturday morning (morning to me, afternoon to normal people) in search of breakfast.
Hmmm, something's going on that I don't know about. This is the second vehicle I've seen in ten minutes with a similar nose-motif.

Later, I found the University of Texas/Ohio State University game on TV.
The Longhorns vs the Scrapbookers or Buckeyes or whatever they're called.
Well, that sure does explain it. The #1 team against #2.

Too bad the college puke driving this car didn't have a real longhorn skull.
The horns would be wider than his car, making for interesting photo-ops as he tried to park in a normal space or knocked someone off their bike in traffic.
Or, God forbid, scratched some dude's pickup truck.

(Do OSU fans put Buckeyes on the front of their cars? That's something I would like to see.)

Didn't watch the game, don't know what the score was.
Texas lost, and I'm fine with that.
I got a photo for the garage, and my friends in Ohio got bragging rights.
A Win/Win situation in my book.

The first time he caught me trying to bag a photo, the dirty look I got was a rather impressive attempt for a virgin.
I was hungry and didn't want to waste time out-dumbing him, which photographer's call 'waiting for the light' sometimes. Walking out to our car after eating I saw that patience had rewarded me twice: it was 3 percent less totally overcast and gameboy was nowhere around.

Anyone care to guess what's in the big cup he left next to his car?

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