Friday, September 01, 2006

Fine Dining

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Late on a Friday night many of the better dinner choices have closed, but try telling your stomach that.
It's especially hard to find a place with 'atmosphere' still open this late.
The Food Network's Rachel Ray always suggests trusting the locals.
In this case, maybe you should take a pass.

(30 minutes ago, Babcock and Hamilton Wolfe, 90f)



Does the sign really say 5 tacos for $4 (5 x $4)?? Sounds like a bargain to me. ;)

Zzakk said...

A bargain for sure, but what if your friends drive past and see you sitting in the plastic chair?

Matthew Robertson said...

You can't beat Ray-Ray for fine dining advice. I wish I could spell her giggle, but I probably can't, so you'll just have to imagine it.

These are the times when telephoto lenses are really handy.