Friday, February 10, 2006

One Man's Trash... another man's photo-op.

While I like this first picture, it has it's problems.
I was shooting a parked train on the southwest side of town,
and decided to include the random farm junk in the foreground.
There was a rusty tractor that looked pretty cool, but I was
drawn to these pieces of discarded irrigation equipment.
The downside of this image is that people who don't snap to
the fact that overseas shipping containers aren't just sitting
in a field in south Texas for no reason won't 'get' that
there's a train in the background. Maybe one of the containers
has new pipes and valves in it?

A few miles away and a few minutes later I chanced upon this
interesting scene, so I stopped my car and rolled down the window
for a few exposures.
Originally I was only after the exercise bike that was discarded
in an upright manner under a highway bridge.
But then I noticed the Christmas tree and realized that there was
some kind of story here.
To me the tree makes me think of someone who is done with that
holiday and has disposed of any now-useless reminders.
In a similar way, maybe the exercise bike represents
an already failed New Year's Resolution?

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