Saturday, February 25, 2006

Exit Wendy's

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The Exit was the best part of tonight's visit to Wendy's.
I want to go on record as believing that the franchise
at Wurzbach and Medical in San Antonio is the very worst
'restaurant' in the chain.
I once watched quite the scene here when they put onions on a burger
after the customer had made it perfectly clear to everyone that he was
allergic to them and would end up in the hospital if they even touched
his meat. The employee who then suggested that he pick the onions off
looked pretty stupid to everyone.
Their burgers are always cold, too.
Tonight, I waited in line for ten minutes and they hadn't
managed to take a single order in all that time. There was
plenty of activity but somehow they just couldn't seem to
accomplish anything.
The drive-thru was being served just fine, it was those of us
who elected to eat inside that were trapped in limbo.
Finally I loudly said to the stranger in front of me: "Let's
go to McDonald's--I'm buying" and we both walked out.
He thanked me for making his exit more dramatic, then went
to eat somewhere else while I stayed behind long enough to
take this photo.

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