Monday, November 21, 2005

Is This Wrong?

It's finally fall here in South Texas, so raking
and blowing and bagging leaves is part of every
homeowner's weekly ritual.
We already felt that the lawn and leaf bags that
look like jack-o-lanterns were stupid, but this takes
stupidity to a whole new level.
Do your religious beliefs include having your Savior's
name on trash bags just so you can leave them on your
lawn to "spread the word"? Is this really a good idea?
I wonder what Jesus would have to say about this.
Personally, I would be pissed off but then of course
I would have no choice but to forgive the poor misguided
souls who participated in every phase of this endeavour,
from coming up with the idea to marketing, selling and
buying these horrible and insulting abominations.
Hopefully, I'll be forgiven, too.
After all, I'm being an angry dick towards my fellow man
and condemning them in public when I really don't have
the right to do so.
Does any of this fall into the category of taking
the Lord's name in vain?

(I'll have you know that this was the single most
difficult post I have ever made. Your comments are needed
to help me figure things out.)

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