Wednesday, November 16, 2005

A Good Home

When I saw that this puppy was reading the
Real Estate section of the Sunday newspaper,
I knew that he was a real go-getter who would
manage to find a good home.

Like over a hundred of his fellow dogs, many of whom
were brought to San Antonio by the Humane Society
after the hurricanes, he was adopted this day.


Matthew Robertson said...


Zzakk said...

He was a REALLY good dog!
Just look at those clean teeth.
We had the first of a new monthly street fair downtown, and SA needed to get some pets into good homes because we had a few thousand extra from the hurricanes, and so the pound and Humane Society brought some to the fair, then were surprised that they had to keep getting more because people were falling in love with them so fast!
It was wonderful to see.
And...he's black & white.
These were the first photos I took for the Challenge.