Monday, November 07, 2005

Free Expression

Bumper stickers are one of the few outlets for
free speech that haven't been ruined by
political correctness.
But that doesn't make what people put on their
vehicles any more valid than the stupid things
they say everywhere else.
Case in point:


Anonymous said...

At the Air Show last weekend all was well and then....up pulls a huge four wheel drive Chevy parked behind us. Out gets this little kicker dude and his blown up tits woman. On the back windsheild of this huge,( making up for something small) truck were these words," Get a Lift, Fat Chicks Can't Jump. I have a Big guy in a small truck, and I like it that way.....:)

Matthew Robertson said...

That top bumper sticker has completely changed my mind. It's the eloquence of the statement that convinced me.

Marriage must be between a men's and women's washroom.

Zzakk said...

That's Fucking Hilarious, Matthew!!