Thursday, July 14, 2005

The Worst-Looking Photo I Have Ever Posted

(The reason this one looks like ass is that
it was much darker than it looks here, and I was shooting
from a moving car.
But the subject was so compelling I had to swallow my pride
and publish it anyway.)
We were heading home after buying brown shoes when we spotted
this winner. Now, around here a guy on a horse is no
big deal, but add the sixpack hanging from the saddle with one
can already open, and a cellphone conversation underway...?
This guy would be deadly in a car but luckily there's something
called horse-sense keeping us safe.
He asked me why I was taking his picture.

1 comment:

Matthew Robertson said...

Gotta love Texas.

Thanks for showing the ugly side - but if he didn't have a shirt on, we'd need to draw the line.