Friday, July 08, 2005

Stupid Kids

Today I was awakened to the sound of firecrackers
going off in mailboxes on my street.
We watched these punkasses do it again, so I found
some shoes, grabbed my camera and car keys, and chased
the four of them down.
After blatantly taking their pictures several times,
I rolled up next to them and explained that tampering
with mailboxes is a federal offence, makes your neighbors
mad, and is a dumb thing to do in broad daylight.
The girl cleverly replied "Fuck You!"
She was obviously the leader, due to her brilliance.
Everyone knows that when someone witnesses you performing
an illegal act and takes your picture, you should curse
at them and piss them off, right?
Instead of calling the police, who are busy enough with
serious crimes, I decided to put them on the internet instead.
And point out that these two look like the result of inbreeding.
"Fuck You", indeed.
Right back at you.

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