Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Fun With Decimals

Every camera I own offers an aperture option of F5.6
I'm sure there's some gearhead out there who is convinced that an aperture of F5.5999999046326 is somehow better than F5.6, and I hope to never have a conversation with him.

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KenKzak said...

Those extreme numbers are probably digital artifacts.
The processor is so smart it shows how dumb it is.
Sometimes when I do a CAD drawing, I'll draw 2 parallel lines 5" apart [as an example], when I diemension the drawing, it'll come up as 4.9998", or 5.0001" or similar. One might expect this instead where a fraction was entered that has a decimal solution longer than 4 places, not with a whole number.
Yes, the toolboxes accept fractions and fractions of decimals. Saves a lot of calculator time.