Saturday, November 21, 2009

PhotoShop Disasters

I found this at some random review site on the web.
We're going to skip right past the fact that these "Self-Defense Force Sunglasses" aren't able to stop a bullet.
No such thing.
You would be quite dead wearing these glasses if someone wanted to do a test.

What gets me blogging is the young punk who put this advert "art" together.
Are they really so stupid as to think that the brass casing of a necked cartridge can somehow squeeze it's way through a rifle barrel and travel like a rocket towards the target along with the bullet, instead of just ejecting from the action to land on the ground with a barely audible tink because we're all wearing hearing protection?

I suppose it's hard to blame them since nobody learns anything useful in school anymore, and grandparents/uncles/fathers who know jack shit are in short supply these days.

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Matthew Robertson said...

I don't know which is funnier - the bad comp job from someone who doesn't know what a bullet looks like, or the thought of getting hit in the face by a pair of sunglasses that have taken a bullet. I figure the recipient of the impact would be pooched either way.

A dumb idea, badly executed - what's not to like?