Monday, August 10, 2009

Extra Pee

Typos are one thing, but for ad copy with a major gaffe to make it to print and then get used is not acceptable.

It's just a coincidence that two photos in a row include urinals.
I'm not some creepy guy with a camera hanging around the men's rooms all over town.
Both of these were in bars across the street from each other (another coincidence--like gold, comedy is where you find it) on Broadway.
Last week's was taken after closing, while today's was caught before they opened.

1 comment:

Matthew said...

Apparently this whole thing was written by a twelve year old.

"... the perfect place to call home."
Do they have really good cell phone reception?

"... word processing and a fax macine..."
Welcome to high-powered office of the 90's.

"... resident clothes care center."
It's spelt l-a-u-n-d-r-y.