Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Time For a Dozen Beers

Beer is the only way to cope with all the losing going on around here.
First The Spurs vs. Dallas, then...

My main point, America, is that those who don't study history are doomed to repeat it.
And those who don't take real human nature into account when dreaming up "new ideas" and "change" will always be surprised when it doesn't work.
Ronald Reagan proved many things during his years in the White House, and so did Clinton and dos Bushes.
Those lessons (good AND bad) are being ignored, at our peril.

I have read the candidate's words from way before they started running for President.
Either way it wasn't a great choice, but we're well and truly fucked now.

History will repeat itself:
Gas prices will go back up again starting.......right now.
The economy will weaken even more than it has recently because amateurs are in power and the people who have the most to lose are going to play it safe.
Jobless rates will rise.
Our enemies will get stronger.
Terrorists will again hit us on our own soil.
Mark my words--I've been watching this shit since Obama was wearing diapers and a charismatic desire for "change" means nothing.
It's a rough world out there, and now we're the biggest pussies on the block again.

At least it isn't Hillary.
I doubt Obama will play any bullshit games like those that resulted in the Randy Weaver travesty, the Waco mass murder, and the Oklahoma City bombing that was a direct result of them. The Clintons hated/feared guns so much that hundreds of innocent people died and the blood is still on their hands.
Any elected official that fears guns in the hands of honest citizens is not to be trusted. (You take them away from criminals, not good upstanding Americans, stupid).

Read the words of our founding fathers--not the usual stuff, but the books and essays and letters they wrote--when they spoke from the heart and mind. All of that stuff still makes sense today and still works as the single best system of government.

I need another beer...

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