Monday, November 12, 2007

Cameras And Confusion

There are certain situations that people are presented with in life where they suddenly don't know what to do.
This confuses and frightens them, and makes me laugh.
Like when a door they expect to work is locked.
Or when a guy named Zzakk walks into their store with realistic-looking fake bullet holes in his head, asking for aspirin. They want to do the right thing, but have no idea what that might be.

Another example is when they come upon a photographer at work.
Especially when a tripod is involved.

Here, my friend Buz is shooting long exposures of some public art and two young ladies (walruses, actually. Or is it walrii?) are thrust into that realm of indecision I'm talking about.
"Do we walk in front of the camera? Do we wait until told that it's OK? Is he shooting the whole time? Is he finished? Will he pause so we can pass? Will he give us fish sticks?"
All the while, they are stepping forward, pulling back, looking at him for guidance, looking at each other.
I revel in their discomfort.
Since Buz is new to public photography he was no help to them--I usually bark "Wait! OK, thank you." if someone is about to ruin my shot but sometimes I let them bumble around for my own amusement.
And sometimes they totally make the shot.

Later that night two couples also needed to pass in front of Buz's lens.
They didn't handle it well, either.
A simple "Tell me when I can get by" is all that's needed, people.

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