Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Rain Much?

After the newspapers pointed out last week that it had already rained for forty days (and/or forty nights) straight I realized that Texas has gotten all biblical on me again.
Never mind the hardcore New Testament thumpers we have, the rains have brought us back to the days of Noah.
In Austin there have been arks built, but only for same-sex critters.

I had to cut the grass exactly three times last year because of the drought.
In 2007 I have cut it almost every week since early March, and have only gotten a break when it rained so much the sun never showed for weeks at a time which kept the insane growth in check.
It looks fucking great, but enough already!

Here's the drainage ditch that handles the runoff from our neighborhood, shot out the passenger window as I stopped my car on the bridge.
Normally ten feet wide at best and a little more during a good storm, here it's running at least 80 feet across.
Shit, we have rivers around here that don't carry a tenth of this flow most of the year.

Don't even get me started about the bugs.

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